Brake Pads F22I C2 Axle Set


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Brake Pads F22I C2 Axle Set

Brake Pads F22I C2 Axle Set Item #: 1251-2002

  • Improved stopping power
  • High torque with excellent control qualities

The AFCO brake pads fit in AFCO's new F22 caliper, F33 caliper for a 1/4" wide rotor, or a standard NDL-style caliper that uses a 1/4" diameter bridge bolt. The C2 pad compound is designed for a wide range of brake temperatures and provides excellent cold bite and aggressive braking power. The pad is best used on the rear of dirt late models, sprint cars using steel slotted rotors, sprint cars using Ti rotors, outlaw drag cars that see high brake temperature with short shut down areas, and micros using a 1/4" thick rotor with an AFCO F33 caliper.

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