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Steel Monotube Shock 84 Series 1/2" (12.7mm) Shaft IMCA Legal Item #: 84-7-1-1

Steel Monotube Shock 84 Series 1/2" (12.7mm) Shaft  IMCA Legal
Shock Stroke Length
Shock Compression
Shock Rebound
AFCO introduces the new 83/84 Series, 2” Diameter Monotube Shocks. These shocks are an enhanced version of our successful 73/74 Series Shocks. Features and benefits include new AFCO matte blue finish, new billet piston choices, and jetted shafts for more precise tuning options. All valving combinations and curves are available in 7” and 9” lengths. The 9” stroke versions are ready to accept our 20125A-7KR coil-over kit. How to read and specify your part number: The first two digits are the shock series (example: 83), the third digit is the stroke length (example: 9), the fourth digit is the compression range (example: 3), the final digit is the rebound range (example: 5). Questions? Contact us at 800-632-2320.

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