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6:1 Forward Single Floor Clutch Pedal

6:1 Forward Single Floor Clutch Pedal Item #: 6610006

The new pedals are made of h-beam forged aluminum and fit Pathfinder, Port City, Hamke, Lefthander, Grand American, LFR, and many other chassis. The new design allows for positioning of the clutch pedal to be away from the driver for better comfort. The new pedals have been tested and validated by Spencer Davis, Frederick Moore, Daniel Keene, Sterling Marlin, and other top drivers. Features and Benefits: Ultra-high strength bias-bar on brake pedal; same strength of 7/16 bias-bar in the traditional 3/8 inch size. Rounded clevis design prevents bias-bar lock-up at extreme limits of travel. Integral bias bearing stops prevent lock-up when adjusting bias. Extra coarse, industrial grade anti-skid foot pads. Newly designed long-adjuster creates more range when using a bias crank. The ultra strong pedal base has less flex for better pedal feel.

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