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Aluminum  Shroud Only  1923 T-Bucket  Single Black Shroud

Aluminum Shroud Only 1923 T-Bucket Single Black Shroud Item #: 80167-F-SB-N

Radiator Finish
Radiator Fan/Shroud Finish
Radiator Trans Cooler
  • TIG-welded, laser-cut tanks
  • 100% pressure tested
AFCO Aluminum radiators allow your car to remain at a constant temperature, which means that power delivery is more consistent. The uniformity of an all-aluminum construction radiator allows for the best pound for pound heat transfer characteristics.
Grille shell mounting tabs are 16” center to center and each tab is 3” tall (this allows for various shell manufacturers dimensions)
Width @ Mounting Tabs: 17-7/8” (side to side)
Base mount flanges are 21 ¾” side to side
Fill neck is on passenger side
100% Aluminum construction (no epoxy)
Furnace brazed core
Tanks are made of .080” 3003 aluminum for strength and durability
TIG welded by skilled craftsmen in the USA
Factory pressure-tested
Filler necks feature screw-in bleed – won't crack or leak with age

California Proposition 65 Statement

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